Monday, March 05, 2012

February Favorites!

So, these are the products that i have been using since the month of february.
These products are actually pretty good and i will probably use them this month of march.
But i like to change shampoos all the time for some reason, so i don't know if I'm gonna use the Gosh shampoo this month. I bought the L'oreal detangling care - a few months ago but i didn't use it as much, but on february I have been using it like there is no tomorrow!! The reason why is because it's still winter here in winnipeg so my hair tends to get tangled and that's what i hate, because it hurts my scalp like hell! everytime i brush/comb my hair,so what i do is i just spray it on my palm and put it at the end of my hair where its tangled, before i brush my hair. wheew! :D
My legs are hairy but not as crazy, so what i use for shaving my legs is the Venus (sensitive) razor - It has 3 blades and a cushion, it also has an extra lubricant which i really like! The reason why i like it is because it glides on very well on my skin and it doesn't irritated my skin and its not flaky after i shave :) but i also use a shaving cream/foam for extra silky smooth!
Ok! to let you guys know i am under the process of laser treatment for my legs and underarm. So sooner or later i will not be hassle or bother to shave my legs/underarm because of the laser treatment. I had the first session already. Hmp! maybe i will just put a blog about the laser treatment because i don't think it is appropriate to put that in my february favorites haha! I just want to mention it lol! ...............................................MOVING ON!........................................
 Lush - lip scrub in bubblegum is my all time favorite! I LOVE IT! HANDS DOWN :)
Maybelline Baby Lipssss! - I bought a few,some flavors are ok, some are not and some are excelente! lol! My favorite is the number 15- cherry me :) it smells so freaking good! my lips feels soft, smooth and yummy! i like the pigmentation of it as well. It is really great! I will definitely buy that again.
Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain- it's alright, i like it and hate it at the same time, i like it only because it looks natural on the lips but it makes my lips so dry so i hate it! but what i do to survive the day is i just put my korres lip balm and it saves my day. It should be on my list of february favorites eh? Oh well, it's my lip saviour you guys should know it by now :)

My 3 Favorite Brushes - ELF flattop powder brush, Sigma F40 and The Body Shop sun luster brush (it's like their kabuki brush)
So these three are my favorites! I use them every single day! the ELF brush works really well to apply foundation. I use the Sigma F40 as my blush brush but it is supposed to be a contour brush, but i like to use it on my cheeks up to the side and temple of my face, well depending on the blush that i use. I don't do it if i'm using pink or red blush. The last brush is the sun luster brush, i just use it to buff my face and also to put  my MSF powder and...yea! i love it!  
Perfume ahhh! it is the BVLGARI omnia amethyst. Gosh! i love this perfume since i was in college wayback home. It smells very feminine and very seductive. I love scents! :)
OPI nailpolish- i have been loving this color it is russian navy. When you put it on your nails it looks way different in the packaging, which is kinda sad because i prefer how the color shows in the packaging than in real life. Does that make any sense?? Well the color in real life is very close to a color dark blue, but in the packaging it looks like a blue but has a dark violet undertone. Ahh! i don't how to explain it, im not good at describing colors haha! so yea, here are the photos!

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