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January favorites [Love & Hate] Products

I just thought that maybe i could do a blog about my favorite products of the month.
I used some of these products back in 2011 and still using it, just because im really loving it!


 I love the neutrogena make-up remover because it removes all the make ups & residues on my face and its very gentle and moisturizing. I tried the all-in-one make up remover and loved it! so i bought quite a few for my back-up and this is my second one actually. I went to walmart the other day to buy more but its out of stock so I just bought the deep clean one, i bought two of those.

I've tried so many eye make-up remover and so far this maybeline is working good for my eyes, even if i wear contact lenses doesn't hurt my eye. Its like an oil make up remover and very gentle.

I have been struggling for an acne facial wash. Last year I have used the CLEARASIL one and it worked really fine on my face but there were still popping zits on my face.
I went to shoppers drugmart and i was looking for the facial wash for preventing acne and VICHY NORMADERM is just so convincing to try I don't know why. I started using this at the month of january so far so darn good! I LOVE IT! :)
I have so many facial scrub in my washroom! and THIS FREEMAN creamy scrub is amazing! it's sort of like the ST. IVES facial scrub, but i like this one better. It makes my face soft and smooth, feels like i just got a facial spa!


I use this SHISEIDO LUCENT WHITE SERUM on my face for my darkspots and i suppose its from my acne,
and i hate it! I bought this at the month of january same with the VICHY NORMADERM. It says that the result will be shown within 2weeks. I don't use this every night, because sometimes im lazy to put so many products on my face at night. So i just cleanse my face and GOTO BED! :p

Ahh..The Body Shop VITAMIN E NIGHT CREAM! love love this! it smells so good! it feels so soft, creamy and very moisturizing on my face. The other good thing about this is that its not as expensive as the other high-end products.

This is my second bottle of this BURT'S BEES TONER! that is how i love this toner! It is formulated for anti-blemish on your face, and i have an issue about the blemishes, so this is the perfect toner for me.

I tried the GARNIER eye roll-on brightener, the anti-fatigue eye cream and the one that has a concealer.
This L'oreal COLLAGEN MICRO-PULSE EYE TREATMENT is such a good product! so far i don't have any negative experience. This product has a cream treatment and a vibrating roller which is amazing for me! I have eye bags and dark circles which is not really fun for me! I hate it as much as i hate my darkspots! UGH! But yea, this is amazing because it reduces the puffiness and darkness around my eyes!


-I hate this BURT'S BEES FACIAL SCRUB even if it is for anti-blemish, i just freaking hate this! It didn't do nothing on my face and feels so greasy! And hate the smell. 

CLINIQUE! oh! I bought the clinique  3-step  and it is an evil! EVIL EVIL PRODUCT!!! It gave me a whole lot of pimples! and ahhh! yea HATE!


MAC PRO-LONGWEAR with SPF 10 is my favorite foundation so far. It is a really great product because it has a lightweight feeling even if it last for 15 hrs. it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, also it's a sheer finish which i like :) It controls the oil on your face esp. when it's hot. Great for summer!
Oh! I'm in shade NC30.

 okay! so STROBE CREAM this product gives my skin "glow" i use this for like 2 months now. Last december i went to the mac counter and the guy there was so nice to me and he gave me a sample of this product. I fell in love with this so quickly, so i bought one and use it everyday. It is not necessary to use this daily but now it is winter here in canada and i hate it when my face is so dry, so yea i use this everyday before i apply my foundation.

ELF TINTED MOISTURIZER so far so good. I don't see any problem or issue with this product. I wear this alone when i just need to run some errands. It also has SPF 15.

MSF ahh what can i say about this product? I LOVE MSF! Its a must have! OMG ahhh yea i love this.
I use this every single day! I put this on the top of my foundation. SHADE: MEDIUM PLUS

STUDIO SCULPT CONCEALER NW 25 this is my baby! :) i use this under my eye and also for my darkspots. It's my saviour. LoL!

 MAKE UP FOREVER HD POWDER ahm, I love it but not as much as i love my MSF!

HATE! I actually used to love this STUDIO SCULPT FOUNDATION this is my 2nd one to be honest, but lately i noticed that its not good for my skin, because everytime i use it my face has zits. So i stopped using this for now I like it but hate it this time.

 PHYSICIANS FORMULA 3-in-1 hate this product that's all i can say.


 NARS Blush in ORGASM I have been loving this blush since i got it! It's good for every skin tone. It is pricey but for me its worth it!

BENEFIT BELLA BAMBA i like this blush esp. for the winter because it gives my skin a natural rosy cheeks. But I am not going to buy any benefit products ever again because they employ animal testing. So sad that they do that great products but nah... 

CHRISTIAN DIOR AMBER DIAMOND in 002 this is such a nice highlighter compact it comes with a black velvety pouch like the chanel. I splurge so much for this highlighter but its worth it :)
I got this at sephora.

MAC CREAM BASE in SEASIDE this is not what i originally want, its the shell one. So sad that i lost it :'( but i like this one too.


MAC EYESHADOWS in SHROOM, ALL THAT GLITTERS AND SATIN TAUPE. I use the shroom under my brow, all that glitter all over my lid, and satin taupe on my crease. I am super in love with this three!

TOO FACED NATURAL EYE PALETTE i love all the colors of this palette. I use this alternately with my mac 3 fave shadows. I got this at sephora.

NYX LOOSE EYE SHADOW in mink pearl. I love this so much! its very pigmented so when i'm lazy to put eyeshadow i just wear this alone just like my ELF TINTED MOISTURIZER :)

 GOSH AND URBAN DECAY EYE PRIMER i super love this two! Gosh eye primer has a velvet texture which i am so much in love with. UD eye primer potion is everyone's love LoL!

MAYBELINE FALSIES AND GEL LINER oooh! i am insanely in love this mascara this is my 2nd one actually :) the gel liner is just fine i prefer gel liner than the liquid one. thumbs up! 

L'OREAL HIP EYE LINER in shade brown. I use this for my waterline and it looks pretty. 


EOS, KORRES in QUINCE AND NIVEA these are my favorites. NIVEA is my ALL TIME FAVORITE.

LUSH LIP SCRUB in BUBBLEGUM  i freaking love this! I have another from SUGAR i bought it at sephora and i didn't like it at all. This Lush Lip Scrub is so amazing i use this everynight! its lickable and so delicious!

 MAC VIVA GLAM GAGA in shade pink AND BLANKETY (amplified) these 2 are my favorites as of now it is the month of february and i still like wearing these 2.

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