Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has been such a LONG time....since I posted a blog!

I've been very busy with my school and work at the same time . I created two accounts, for the reason being that I was not able to access my first account. When I created another one, I thought I could manage to blog atleast twice a week, but then it was very hard for me to do a blog and so I stopped for a while. I actually attempt several times to make a video on youtube, because i have an account. Then I thought to myself, "if I cannot manage doing a blog (regularly), well then making videos will be much more harder than posting blogs."

So, I just focused on what I know that is more important.

I did not have any new years resolution, not even one. However, I recently realized that "maybe" I should pursue posting blogs. As a matter of fact I am enjoying doing this, its just that its interfering the important things that i need/have to do. I am enjoying this not because I want to brag or show-off all the things that i have, instead this is what I want, and it gives me such happiness when I'm seeing all the things that I know I worked hard for it.

I love fashion and makeups, no one can stop me from loving this. I don't buy these stuff just to have them, I buy these stuff because I want them. I know I don't need and use all of them at the same time, but i know in myself that i will be using each and one of them in the future.

I am doing this - for myself and I want to see "like 5 years from now" all the things that i have accumulated.

"I purchased some makeup stuffs and a perfume"

From: eyes lips face

From: Comptoir SUD PACIFIQUE

I bought some makeups from elf because their products is getting better and better with cheaper price.
I need a back-up brushes so I bought a few and also I have been loving they're shimmering whip, I use 'em for highlighting my temples and cheeks. I splurged so much for a highlighting products and I don't wanna do that anymore because I know that it was way too much just for a highlighter.
I am actually still waiting for my last package, from Sedonalace. I told to myself that I am going to stop buying for now. I know I have enough. However, I am still planning to expand my collection and addiction in the right future.

Lastly, I bought a new perfume, which i really like! I am a vanilla person! I love everything about vanilla! HANDS DOWN FOR THIS PERFUME - extreme vanilla from SUD PACIFIQUE. As far as I know, most of the hollywood actress/ models use this brand of perfume.
I am savoring this!for the next new year :) "kidding!"  This would probably last me for i believe 4-6mos. :p

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